A Revolution is Coming! Which side will you be on?

We will use this webquest to learn about the events leading up to the American Revolution. The stakes were high. Most people had families back in England. Should you turn your back on your homeland? What were the factors at stake?


Step #1: Let's begin by reading about some of the causes of the American Revolution.

Kid Info: Causes of the American Revolution

Kidport: Causes of the Revolution

Causes for Revolution

Timeline of Events Leading to the American Revolution

Take notes as you go. Then make a 3-2-1 Foldable about the causes of the American Revolution.

We will add this to your hanging folder. We will put together a booklet of our learning at the end.

Step #2: Make a Q and A Flip Book About Taxes.

The Stamp Act and the Sugar Act

Mr. Nussbaum.com

Step #3: What is the Boston Massacre?

Crispus Attucks

Create A Boston Massacre Time Line Flag and A Gravestone for Crispus Attucks.

Remember to keep adding information to your Cause-and-effect Title Page.

Step #4: Paul Revere's Ride

Paul Revere House

Paul Revere's Ride

Revere Speaks

Make a Mini-Book of Paul Revere's Ride.

Make a Puzzle-Piece Time Line of Lexington and Concord.

Step #5: The Boston Tea Party

The Tea Act

The Boston Tea Party

Social Studies for Kids

The Intolerable Acts

Prelude to Revolution

Step #5: A Letter From the Second Continental Congress

The Second Continental Congress

Create a Letter and Envelope. Then store it in your folder.

Step #6: Guide Book to Bunker Hill

Battle of Bunker Hill

Archiving Early America: The Battle of Bunker Hill

Battles of the American Revolution

Step #7: The Declaration of Independence

Declaring Independence

The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence, Part 1

Social Studies for Kids

Step #8: Circle Book of Important Events


1) Crossing the Delaware

George Washington and the Crossing of the Delaware

American Revolution

Battle of Trenton

2) The Battle of Yorktown

Battle of Yorktown, War In the South

The British Surrender at Yorktown

Heroes of the American Revolution

Thomas Jefferson

Biography of Thomas Jefferson

John Adams

Biography of John Adams

Abigail Adams

Benjamin Franklin

Bio of Ben Franklin